The Journey Begins

As we all embark on a quest, some of us may look at it as the next day, but here at MegCmatters Blog Spot, this is where the journey is embarked on through the perspective of magic, spirit, and balancing the two mysteries. This is the first post in history, where MegCmatters discusses topics of feline energy, where she will teach you over time through her practice what how Feline heart has and will continue to propel this world into a living, breathing, conscious space within the souls of us all. Also, there will be posts about meditation, awareness, love, deep inner awakenings, pole dancing, art, DIY projects and personal experiences of love, obstacles, and adventures. There is no limit to what MegCmatters brings to the world. She is bold, assertive, wise, and graceful. She will inspire you here, and with that inspiration, the intention to persevering into your powerful cat will reflect within your own life. She will remind you of why YOU matter with her honest videos and poetic words!  For she is a mere reflection of your limitless capacities! Meow Blessings.

Meow There!

“Be fearless and walk alongside the feline, the Huntress, the Nurturer. She is both sides of the coin. She is the oracle that will balance you into your Wild Heart.” -MegCmatters

There have been countless times where the world has pressed itself up against the face of one who will do anything to survive. To conquer whatever obstacle is within the way of where one is going to next. Modern days will challenge us with all sorts of currencies-a time or period during which something is widely accepted and circulated, such as; materials, homes, careers, continuing education, relationships. The list can go on forever, but the most important circulated currency out there is LOVE!

That love for me showed up in the form of a cat. That currency pressed up against my face so hard that I never backed down from the pressure it propelled to the bottom of my gut. The core of my creative power. The 2nd chakra in which creates stability and creativity, intuition, and the best one of them all Abundance! The same exact part of the anatomy that most women create babies from. The womb.

Will you agree you feel an animal living within your being? Do you think if you expressed your inner animal people would judge you and self doubt takes over your thoughts? Well, know that this is a normal feeling. Just know that I have begun a journey with expressing to the world what feline spirit is and how this has influenced people to open up to me and how much more alive I feel about my existence and how I am not afraid to growl, meow, and purr out of excitement!

Til’ next time, keep it simple, keep it alive, and keep it aware of the power in which lives within you!



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