Rain brings fear to bay

“I have lived with several Zen masters — all of them cats.” -Ekhart Tolle

Meow There!

Tis’ raining here in the New York state, in which I reside in this chapter of my life. It’s the beginning of June, and I am wrapped in a fleece blanket, temperatures have rapidly dropped as the fresh green leaves drip layers of rain water that appear to be not ending at a time that people would prefer it to. I have always taken rainy days as a gift for me to sit and go deeper within myself. A few questions come up from the rainy experience;

What is it about rain that keeps us indoors? Are we like cats and simply do not enjoy the discomfort of getting our paws wet?

What’s got us so uncomfortable (fearful) with the dampness and the dropped temperatures? Is it the sense of lack of control=fear due to our outside environment that stirs up the storm that resides within us?

If rain pulls out the fear and discomfort, bringing our frustrations and incompletions to the surface/to bay, could we believe we have the capability to face our fear and still hold grace as displeasure pours upon us?

These questions echo in my mind. These questions have answers and the answers live within us, and are reflected by the feline nature. This photograph captures it!

As I look at this powerful photo of a woman on the left, observing the cat who is making it’s way towards her, I see that she is holding a calm and collected space for her experience. She is outside wearing a sheer slip that a woman usually wears in the privacy of her own comfortable and warm home. She is exposed, and raw, out of the bedroom and into the open world where it looks cold and never-ending rainfall.  Do you see this same perspective I share with you? How powerful of a pose right?! She contains herself with pure grace and elegance. Her facial features express a tranquil state.

Ahead of her  lurks a cat, sniffing the tree’s fallen trunk. Only to witness that the cat too is out in the open and bare to storm. The feline approaches the serene feminine with curiosity and/or instinctual investigation. The woman allows the wild nature of this feline to scope her out, to trust it’s impulse and sit in the present moment with the Huntress, the scout, the seeker, the feline inquirer. In fact, it even appears that the woman is slightly leaning forward out of her own curiosity of what is heading her way.

Meanwhile, the woman is not threatened, nor distracted. She is just as focused and determined to know more, as the small cat. Just in a more vague approach without being on all fours and carrying animal behaviour. The woman is merely just an observer of the cat as the cat is  being an observer while displaying interest through it’s senses. The woman is showing interest through her body language, which in another way is showing through her own feline senses.

What are they mirroring to one another? What is it about the calm and collected that also attracts the cautious inspector?  Is it the present-state-of-mind that allows this woman to focus on the actions of the cat and ignore the discomfort of the chaotic environment? Can you witness the similar characteristic traits of woman and feline within this image?

This photograph has captured me in a way that I never thought it would. What a beautiful reflection. The lessons within this imagery has shown me that we can all sit on a fallen tree’s trunk, exposed to the outer environment of cold hailing rain, and still find a target and focus on the curiosities that life gives us while holding balance through our instinctual nature.



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