Introducing Mau Meditation

There is a realness about a cat. They hold their own weight, they are independent and self efficient. It is their nature to be a solo hunter as they take on a very nurturing role to provide for their loved ones. So much resemblance a cat reflects back to us, as women, and as men. Within this blog I educate about the significance a cat has held within history as Goddess/Gods, as healers and as inspirers. That will then lead you into the Philosophy of Mau Meditation. Thank you for reading. Many Meow Blessings

As a child I was always so drawn to all cats. Their eyes, their walk, the way they would know what they wanted and knew how to get it. But none of that intised me more than their mysteriousness. Even the way they would jump onto a window seal and never look back at you for they were too intrigued by whatever it was that they saw outside. They held such presence, and such awareness. Such authenticity and courage was the synergy that drew me to their specialness.  I observed their nature and related to them. So naturally, I felt like as a woman, I was part feline energy. But before I introduce what feline energy is to me, let me walk you through a little history, and fun facts about cats!

In long ago history, cats were worshiped by many cultures. Hugely respected by Egyptians. So loved and praised by Egyptians, they created an entire civilization that dedicated their lives to sculpting cat deities such as the photos below, where one woman is sculpting the Goddess Bastet- Protector of Women and Goddess of luxury, beauty, and fertility. The picture on the right side is of Bastet and Sekhmet-Goddess of War and protector of women. Or as I like to introduce them as the nurturer, and the huntress. Two aspects that both men, and women carry inside of themselves.

bast-cat-goddess-ancient-egypt-2Bastet Goddess

Cats were sacred amongst the streets of Egyptian cities, this is because the wild cat came from the dessert, and chose to grace it’s presence with the Egyptians. The Egyptians found this to be a great sign, very Goddess-like, and they began to make all of their dieties as replicas of the power of the cat. The aspects within the Goddess and Gods were praised by both men and women. Though it was the women who really took care of the cats. It is said that it was a man that blessed Egyptian Mau with the M on it’s forehead.  You can find really in depth history about cats here Ancient Cats.

purplecatIn modern days, Metaphysics prove that owning a cat can reduce your risk of a heart attack. It was after a ten year study at the University of Minnesota’s Stroke Institute in Minneapolis, USA, cat owners showed a 30% lower risk of death from heart attacks compared to non cat owners. So, this is proving that cats do have healing powers! They are not powerful without a reason, now are they?  Read directly from the source here Cat Owners Have Lower Heart Attacks. (Advice: Go buy your loved ones a cat, just saying.)

Ok, ok! So you’re probably reading this information and questioning, “what is Mau Meditation, and when is it being introduced?” Well, I can answer that, but first, what is it about cat power that is being reflected within our modern day society that still proves that these stealthy creatures, who have Goddess and God-like aspects, and who have metaphysical healing capabilities mirroring reflections of our own cat-like powers? Now THAT”S a great question! Here, allow me to show you through some images I have researched.

From fashion runways, celebrity models, wild sexy lion men, motivational speakers, cat costume conventions, to Cat Con in LA, comic characters, inspirational cat eye make-up tutorials, to street art, and intimate photography, feline energy is pulsing through the world and changing it.

2-15824908-1 angiecat Dita-Von-Teese-Bloomingdale-Lingerie lion3dm2606_468x406cat-looking-in-mirror-lionabout-the-smart-yug---smart-yug-fk8mglanMike-and-Lil-Bub1382746801-mcm-expo-london-comic-con-2013_3055293

So, with everything said, Mau Meditation is a unique technique where I shall be using original yoga inspired postures to activate the Goddess/God within all of us, and use the physical body to activate the courageous attributes of a feline while following up with a silent, yet guided meditation of how to embody the feline energy. Modern society can at times restrict ourselves to going deeper into the instinctual lions, jaguars, and panthers we were born to be. To take on the world with such a mysterious and luring lifestyle, takes balance within the leaps that you take to hunt your targeted desires.  With nature, and the cosmos as our guide, I will be traveling the world holding these workshops for men and women to explore their inner cat to change the world, one roar, purr and meow at a time. Meow Blessings



Other references for catspiration:

Cat Con LA

Fierce Cat Walk MEN MarcoMarco

Victoria Secrete Top 11 Catwalks

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