How Vision Boards Worked for Me

So you’ve hit a dry spell, a rough patch that is not allowing the creative juices to flow into your practice, or not seeing your life on the path you’d prefer it to be on. How to do something creatively, that sets your ideas and goals into a place that become real? Well, this my friend is called a vision board. Also known as a dream board or an inspiration board, a vision board is a collage of words and images that make you feel positive and empowered.


Whenever I learn about anything new and get curious of how many ways to go about it, I go straight to google and search. When I research I find many different sites that show one how to make the board, from supplies to topics. Then how to create what you want to post up. The most important part of this process is to curate the images and words to deliver the end result you want to see happen. This is called the manifestation process.

V-boards have been around for many years. I know this because of experience, and my experience has lead me to creating vision boards for a good 17years . I do not know who created the theme of it being called Vision Boards, but I like them and that’s what matters. Always do what gives you enjoyment. That’s a great way to live.

This being said, I am still using v-boards to guide me to my next adventures, goals, and destinations. One v-board I made was when I wanted to work on my physical appearance to give me the legs, stomach, and arms that I have complained I would never get because I was not interested in staying at the gym, or wasn’t a regular pupil at my local yoga classes. Working out at home was my best bet, but it appeared the only place I found myself working out was on my couch. Do you find this relatable?


The very first thing I did before I grabbed all of my supplies; magazines, scissors, glue, printed photos from internet, bulletin board, paint (to color it to match my room;optional) I developed my motive, the purpose of my dream body. My aim was to be active, and begin a lifestyle that would have me in shape, aware of my overall health, and stay fun while doing it. I carved images of women who were having fun, and laughing as they appeared active either jumping, dancing, hiking, or yoga-ing. I placed the women in the center of the board, because they were my core result. I even placed a photo of myself, because it was ME who was the most important woman to achieve to be.


I then focused on the road map of my board. A direction in which I wanted to keep this healthy lifestyle as an ongoing process, I organically chose specific words and outlined the photo of me and women in the shape of a circle. I researched from an online thesaurus and looked up synonyms for the word Healthy. I chose ACTION words because I had to get into action in order to make anything happen right? The following step was to printing those synonyms and placing them alongside the women in the center creating the circular shape. I really love sharing that you can design your v-board with a shape. Think of the shape as GPS. If you have action words that lead into other action words, you’ll witness that they are organically growing into To-Do Lists, Research Lists, Sign up for Classes, etc.


Oh! Don’t forget, if you want to keep your vision boards growing and focused on more than one area of your life, you may want to include a vision board that is focused exclusively around vision board designing. A great blogger and inspiring woman I follow and want to give a SHOUT OUT to is Christine Kane. She has been a great role model for me with this process. Another woman who is a motivational goddess is Shanel Cooper-Sykes. She is my YouTube Go-To and big SHOUT OUT to her fabulous self. Go ahead and check out those two beauties. They’ll transform your life.


The great news is, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE AN ARTIST TO MAKE A BOARD!  This isn’t about painting and designing deco art, this is about visualizing your truth, and surrounding yourself with your dreams. It’s all possible!


First and foremost, I found an area in my apartment that was high traffic that I could view it every single day. I repeat, I could view my board every-single-day. I then connected with my board by speaking each word out loud and feeling the emotion in it as if I was already living what was on it’s way to become my reality. Also, affirming that I AM Healthy, I AM joyfully fit! This action was HUGE for me to come from a place of powerfulness and see myself already living my authenticity. There were instant feelings of accomplishment and I could feel it manifest right away. I realized I had to get out of my own way, and stop controlling my life and allow the power of my words to become my reality. A great YouTube video by Dr. Rose Moten confirms these few steps I took, as she describes 4 Steps of how to active the power of vision boards in this short clip here: Dr. Rose Moten on Activating Vision Boards


Within one month, I had transformed my body! And guess what?!?!!? I AM STILL TRANSFORMING! Yes! I have been eating healthy, and very mindful of sugar and processed foods. I barely eat out, not to mention, do you know how expensive it is for a kale salad here in New York? pssshhhhh too much! I have discovered the fun in pole dancing at a great studio in NYC Body&Pole. Not only did I become active, enjoyable, healthy and vigorous, I surrounded myself with like minded women who are all living an active lifestyle. I am developing an action plan to become a Yoga teacher within the next year and will be blogging about how to create an action plan for my bigger dreams.


Why I began to design boards was I was living from moment to moment where I felt I was weak, and the result was defining me to be mentally limited. Limited to the possibilities of life. Limited to my potential, my self-worth, my self expression, my self-love. I have felt like a shrub. We have all been there. Feeling the depths of our insecurities does not have to run our lives. Because when we allow our insecurities to take control, the truth is, we are no longer living.

Vision boarding inspired me to sit down, and ask myself, “what is already living within me, that I can pull out and make it show up in front of me?” This gave me a purpose and an authentic way to listen to myself, identify where I was feeling complete, and grow from it. Sure, it wasn’t always so clear. In fact, just so you know, I am still working on a vision board that’s taking me sometime to create. But I know it will get done. Meanwhile, I am blogging about v-boards and because of this action, I am still living in my authenticity to create and inspire myself, to inspire people, to inspire others.


When you design your board, and place it somewhere very visible; your desk, next to your work mirror, on your refrigerator, people will see your board and ask you what’s going on there. This will be a great opportunity for you to speak your affirmations, and also encourage your loved ones to make their own. I’ve even recommended to create a Vision Board Pot Luck. Why not? Life’s short! Eat yummy food and compose your dreams! (Meetup Group anyone?)


Part of my early adolescence began with therapy. Due to my incompletions, a majority of the time I was very angry. Actually, that’s an understatement.  I would wake up angry, eat angry, sleep angry. I think I even laughed angry, hummed a song angry, brushed my teeth angry, even skipped down the street, and yes, I did it with anger.The struggle was I wasn’t finding the balance to experience bliss. I was 13years old.

Once I began drinking, smoking, kissing boys (proudly I always initiated) my parents felt something was really wrong at the same time my self-abusing social lifestyle established itself. So, my parents (bless their souls for putting up with me at that age) did what most parents do, and found it to be a good idea to send me to a therapist. For whatever reason, using a therapist just sounded so tragic, morbid, and the wrong place for me to enter. I suppose it was the lack of education I had around knowing what therapy really was? Nonetheless, it was a shitty idea and I rebelled against speaking to the therapist for many reasons.


There was a loss of communication from the outside world, to help identify with what exactly I needed help with. I was pretty sure this was the root of the problem of why my parents could not find the words to reach me and “fix” my problems. So was it the therapist’s little yellow notepad a magical object that was supposed make that broken communication system bridge together with the tap of their magical pen? (Shrugs.)  Asking me about my emotions, “how does that make you feel?” Those sort of questions didn’t pull me or tug me into an opposite direction from where I was keeping myself. After a while, my parents withdrew me from my sessions, for they saw I hadn’t progressed into the opposite direction.

I came to a conclusion that therapy did not work. Because what I wasn’t asked was how did I want to grow up? What do I look like in a few years? What am I wearing? What am I saying? Who am I hanging out with? What are the first thoughts I think of when I open my eyes in the morning? How am I making money? What am I learning? You see, those questions for me, is more of a questionnaire I would have enjoyed to think about, analyze, and perhaps, even draw a picture of, even if it was just for fun. This is what the therapist could not conclude through their magical notepad.

Once I saw what my therapist could not provide me, I provided it for myself, and found what healed me. I began to piece together my life through the power of visualizations. It was the way I learned. I learned by observing and piecing it all together with my hands.

Today, being the tender age of Thirty-Onederful (like that?) that questionnaire is still top of my list as I constantly reinvent myself.


Envision your possibilities. Make them touchable, readable, smellable, tastable, emotional, and most importantly, make them identifiable to who you really are.


Meg C

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