You deserve a Love Letter

Do you take time for YOU? Do you make ME time a part of your daily routine?

I remember being a strung out mess with my ten hr work days, over extended social life, and never had enough energy to cultivate any extra energy outside of those two areas of my life. I was crawling on the floor to my bed by midnight, and waking up to my alarm at 5am the next day. My life felt hard, cluttered, and my time to myself was non-existent.

In fact, I can recall a specific moment where my friend called me to join her for brunch in a couple of hours in lower Manhattan at one of my favorite places that had the best mimosas. I’m a sucker for Mimosas. But as much as I loved her invitation, I couldn’t help but squirm in discomfort as my head was pounding, I was feeling overwhelmed, I could not juggle my thoughts, and I saw my mind just go on overload. What came out of my mouth was pure powerlessness. “Can you come dress me, pick me up, and feed me at the restaurant? I’m just so overwhelmed and haven’t had a minute to come up for air, and it’s the beginning of the work week!”

“Girl, where are you finding the time to love yourself?” she asks. I went silent, and told her I’d have to call her later.

That question rang in my ears so loudly on repeat. Love myself? How? 

So, I began to sit with the question thinking the answer would just magically appear. It wasn’t the answer that came rushing to me but more the self awareness of where I had been neglecting myself.  I decided from right then and there I wasn’t owning my greatness and how each time I said no to myself, I was taking bite size pieces away from my self love.

Is there something stopping you from loving you? Could it be your schedule? Is it your job’s constant demands? How about your home environment, does it allow enough space for you to be alone?

I’m asking you this, because you have a choice. You can either continue to ignore giving yourself time, credit, attention and love, or you can change that right now and choose to say yes to yourself. Finding the balance between work, social, and personal time takes practice and some sorting out.

Here is a cute way to begin to own your power and begin a daily routine of self love. It all begins with a nice, simple and sweet love letter. A letter to you. In this letter you want to write four important things;

  1. Your Name- Your name is powerful and owning what you go by will have you feeling proud.
  2. Three things that make you unique- What three things do you self approve and make a unique YOU
  3. Why you are so important to you- What is your value? What do you like the most about you? Why do you need you today?
  4. Self Motivation- Very important part that allows you to give yourself the permission to change your perspective and actions into a positive directions.

*Remember the key here is to put a spark in your self esteem and be your own cheerleader with love- Sign your signature with a heart, fold up your letter, and kiss it. Store your love letters in a box and view them on a day when you need a reminder of how valuable you are to you.


Dear Meg, 

I love you. I love how you make me feel when you smile. I adore how you make jokes and make yourself laugh…at yourself. I especially admire the way you hold yourself and speak your mind, honestly, with conviction, and authenticity. Don’t give up on yourself, especially not today. Empower yourself with positive thoughts today, because you are an amazing, phenomenal woman! 

I love you always.

Me. tiny heart

4 thoughts on “You deserve a Love Letter

    1. Teresa,
      It is very fun to do this for ourselves. Have you written a love letter to yourself lately? I can say it is one of the funniest things I do to show an act of self love ❤ Thanks for the support! -Meg


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