Create this Good Habit: Own your Worth

Do you brush off compliments from people as them just being nice? Perhaps you ignore encouragement from the people around you who know you best?
I used to push off any compliment or encouragement I received because I simply didn’t think I was worthy of it. I didn’t feel beautiful, I didn’t think I was awesome, magical, or great in any way!
In fact, there was a very low point in my life a few years back when I felt at my absolute worst. But all of this changed one day as I got curious about the compliments I was receiving, and decided to train myself a good habit of self acceptance. I just had to unbury my self-esteem, dust it off, and use it to empower myself.
My first step was I scheduled time for ME. Recongnizing I needed to build stronger compassion for myself. My smartphone became more than what I used to text and scroll Facebook. It became my assistant. It took just a few minutes before bed to schedule three time slots that said very specific tasks to do for myself within 15minutes.
My Greatness Schedule
6am- Say 3 things I am grateful for in my life
-my apartment I worked hard for, my cats, and my health
3:30pm Write four self approval words 
-I am talented, loving, fun, and adventurous.
Bedtime: Say 3 things I did for others today that has me feeling proud
-I helped a lady pack her groceries-Hugged my client going through a hard time- told my mom I appreciate her.
THE RESULTS WERE INSTANTLY AMAZING!  I needed more attention from me, and this allowed me to open up and embrace my awesome. Within just a week I had such a great feeling about myself. It changed my life! 
Today I am a completely different person when I  receive compliments. Excitement overtakes me and I appreciate being praised. I now thank everyone for their honest and kind words. Accepting other’s praise is an awesome feeling, and if it wasn’t for those small steps I took with my smartphone, I would not have the integerity I have now. Because owning your worth, raises your integerity and that is a satisfying feeling no one can give you, but YOU! It’s a fact as self-love strengthens within you, you feel inspired to lift other’s up who have been where you were.

I share this with you because you have a choice in this and you can choose to ignore your greatness, to give away your confidence to the belief that you are not amazing, OR you can decide to own who you are, own your greatness, and really just own your worth.

Because you ARE worthy. You are great. You are magical. 
Here are 4 things you can do right now to start owning your greatness:
  • 1. Have a small notebook and pen in your traveling bag to write in and make your personal journal. It’s nice to re-visit the nice things you say about yourself at the end of each week.
  • 2. Before you go to bed, look at your next day’s schedule and pick 3 time slots morning, afternoon and bedtime that work for you to pencil in time for you.
  • 3. Give them three different actions (look at my three examples if you need somewhere to start)
  • 4. Message your best friend, partner, or trusted co-worker your schedule for someone to hold you accountable to your action. You want a support system because it’s very easy to put ourselves on the back burner. HOLD YOURSELF TO IT!

Be the change you want. 

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