Complete Your Relationship With Money


What I am about to share is the Medicine, the Key to the Unlocking Your Fears Around Your Relationship With Money. But first, I have a small fun story.

A year ago I was stressed, and coming from a scarcity mind set around money. Like a hamster wheel, my mind kept repeating the same questions,
  • Will I have enough to pay bills?
  • Where will I have the funds for this trip I’m desperate to venture on?
  • How can I take work off, and wont be broke?
I thought I’d never have enough, and that scarcity mindset put a strain on my relationships with partners, friends, and family. I recognized that my love relationships were suffering.
So what did I do? I did something different, I began to use my creativity and do take action in a unique way. I gave money an identity; a personality, an ego, a heart, and a brain. I made money into a person.  Just for experiment for one week. I wanted to get to know money differently. More intimately. Close up.

I named my money, Mula Mama. She had attitude, she ran a tight ship. She was green, with  gold hair, silver eyes, and bronze lips. She liked to stay a thick stack, not too fat, not too skinny. She was very clear of what she had to say about my:

  1. household
  2. groceries
  3. continuing education
  4. clothes I wore
  5. social life
  6. mortgage, and most importantly the
  7. time I had with loved ones.
  9. MY LIFE!

The experiment ended and the results were hard to swallow. Here’s what I learned:

Mula Mama ‘s persona was actually a reflection of my emotions; fears, shame, and anger. Because I made her a person, I was able to see her as someone in society, in my home, and in my bed.
I owned my power and had a Money Talk with my loved ones to release myself from the shackles of “not enough”.
Remember that Medicine I mentioned, HERE IT IS!
I had what is called a Completion Conversation. Where you address a specific issue you have with someone over a specific situation that’s bothered you for a long time and you take responsibility for your perception of how you felt, reacted, and lived with the memory of the incident(s).
 Fist important thing you do is receive consent to talk about something that is bothering you, is hard for you, and how important they are to you.
This is creating a strong relationship between you and your loved one by allowing them to listen, and observe that you are healing a part of you that is ready to move to the next level in your life. 
The gift is taking the responsibility off of the other, and taking ownership of how you designed your Maya; illusion. When you take ownership, it opens the space of listening between the two of you, builds a stronger bond, and releases you from blocks.
Money is not a compass, but if you pay close enough attention, it will guide you to your emotions, your memories, and this is a gift to take on the money talk, and Complete with the a loved one. 
The truth is, it is our birthright to possess Abundance. Set yourself free with Completion.
Meg Conkling 




2 thoughts on “Complete Your Relationship With Money

  1. I’m still curious about how you actually obtained the money. How did you get the money so you could have it in abundance?


    1. Victor,
      Great question, and thank you for your curiosity.
      The completion conversation around money, was what set my inner space; thoughts and emotions wallowing in resistance, fear, and anger- the completion process freed me from the very thoughts and emotions that kept me tied to the scarcity mind set.
      I began to see money come more into my life, in areas I never thought possible.

      *A flood of new clients were handed to me at several occasions
      *I found money on the ground in abandoned areas several times
      *A Friend gave me money into my PayPal account just because he wanted to donate
      *My parents began to also make more money in their lives, because where I felt incomplete with money was around the way I was brought up to think about money in my life.
      Once you complete with a parent (in my case both of my parents) they also are freed inside their inner space and now new things can flow through them.

      I hope this answers your question.



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